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Who We Are

Founded in 1990 by José Sousa, Fabricril, based in Trofa, currently has a team of 12 employees and its own facilities with a total area of approximately 500 m2, where you can find its commercial, administrative and production department.

"Manufacturing and marketing of Acrylics", Fabricril with the concept "quality" and José Sousa in charge of the commercial and production planning department, has always been the business card of the house. This is where the possible and the imaginary of the acrylic world is created.

The Fabricril team is formed by employees with extensive experience, thus becoming stronger.
We are a company with furniture production capacity, where the production is of high rigor and quality. We transform simple plates in shelves, tables, chairs, furniture, among others.

The quality of the services and the product, 27 years of experience and the commitment of the entire Fabricril team guarantee the perfect execution of what is proposed to us.

We work from North to South of the country, Spain, Islands and Central Europe, to qualified companies, such as: Continental Mabor group, BIAL - Portela & Cª, S.A , Sonae, tiffosi(cofemel), O.C.P- Portugal, Gant (Delveste), Salsa, Parfois, NOS, among others.

They are a sign of the prestige of the work we do.
Our main activities include
Acrylic Furniture
Decorative Acrylics
Self Adhesive Advertising
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